Blocktech Internal Consultant

Blocktech MEP Internal Consultant

Our Versatile company set up allows us to be able to offer you two types of in-house support, either by way of physically working alongside your teams as support or a full RPO solution.


Recruitment process outsourcing is a business model whereby your company outsources the management of the recruitment function (in whole or part) to Blocktech MEP as specialist to drive cost, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability benefits.

We have filled a number of needs with our RPO service including, taking HR departments workload, replaced Internal recruiter vacancies, and covered long term sickness or maternity cover on an annual package.

We tender and tailor a package based on the number of hires per year which costs similar or less than the internal recruitment vacancy. We then discuss the flexibility and benefits of the package, generally offering you full team support for the price of an individual.

The main benefits associated with Blocktech MEP’s RPO package are:

Reaction Time:

As a role comes, instead of just one person working on a job board, we engage our team as your role comes in to attack 3 or 4 job boards, Linkedin and engage with our internal pool created for your company and type of role. This allows us to move much quicker than a traditional method when an urgent need arises.

Talent Pooling:

When there are no live roles Blocktech MEP will continue to set up alerts and engage with candidates that match your usual requirements or potential roles we have been confidentially notified may come available. All strong candidates are pooled and actively engaged with, creating a community for future hiring which is passed to yourselves upon completion of contract.

Stronger Quality of Hires and a full teams support

As we are the sole agent for our clients on RPO’s the team invest their time, energy and resources into sourcing, screening and presenting the cream of the crop in terms of available talent to the client.


As companies experience peaks and troughs to staffing an RPO model is calibrated to flex accordingly. If a company is expanding or opening a new department it will need more staff, while if it is downsizing or it has to implement a hiring freeze, it will not. We have structures in place to adapt to any situation. We can scale their recruitment team up and down as needed.

Essentially our RPO allows  you as the client get on with the business of being a business!


Internal Consultant Support:

The second type is simply by physically working alongside your Contracts/Project manager or internal resource a few days a week either in your offices or site location for large labour needs or packages.

This comes with a competitive day rate charge, and agreed reduced commission structure.

The benefits of this service are quick delivery of large numbers, instant feedback between parties, sole focus from our team member on your company and vacancies.

The benefit to us is we really get to understand how the company works, the ethos, the detail of the project and the role which helps us to find the perfect candidates and build relationships for the future.

This service has similarly been used by our client’s when either their Internal team are struggling with the large numbers required for a specific project and you are reluctant to hire a new permanent person into the team.

Or you have your internal resource on annual leave, maternity leave, or long term sick and require a temporary replacement avoiding difficult HR situations.

For more information on this service and cost please email