Head Hunting

I am sure you have worked with or come across individuals and thought I’d love that person in my business. How do I get them?

To save you a potentially embarrassing situation, conflict of interest, or a commercial mistake let us speak to them on your behalf.

At stage one we will speak to them as a recruitment agency leaving your company confidential at first, sound them out and there likes and dislikes about current role and company. Talk about their aspirations, career growth, and of course financial expectations.

We will then report to you with the conversation findings and implement stage two where we discuss what we can offer to match their requirements and sell your firm and opportunity to them.

After your interview, stage three would be negotiating the package and trying to help ensure any counter offer is not taken into consideration by your target employee.

The fee for this service is less than our standard rate, although does come with a small engagement fee for expenses.

Please contact us for any further information.