Workforce / Contractor / Labour Packages

As well as a contingency workforce supplier, Blocktech MEP pride ourselves on our package of works solution.

Industry feedback to recruitment agencies shows that keeping track of individuals and productivity in large labour numbers is difficult.

Employing a package solution takes care of this issue and makes projects run efficiently and smoothly by allowing Blocktech MEP to run the workforce, managing any logistics and issues whilst monitoring productivity.

The supervisors who are provided by us are on a bonus for quick, quality delivery and will ensure any labour that’s not effective will be replaced very early within the project.

Once instructing us and agreeing the set contractor rate you can await the arrival of your workforce on the requested start date

Our ability to headhunt key individuals to optimize and manage your project ensures a seamless delivery of the project from start to end. Blocktech MEP’s in house package team will deal with all our contractor logistics including accommodation & travel to site if required for our contractors.

Once a project start date is set, our Package Logistics Manager meet our Client’s PM the week before the required start date to prepare the candidates of all requirements ready for the first day.

On larger packages we can provide a member of our team to visit your PM or offices to go through multiple candidates quickly, our team member will have a selection of CV’s and internal notes for the required workers for you to allow you to have an active choice if required.

All compliance checks including references and qualifications will be taken from any candidate we have not previously worked with. A ‘subs’ bench of replacement workers is held throughout the project, so if required, can be provided within a 24 hour period.

Blocktech MEP usually use a payment solution/umbrella company that all workers would be required to use to ensure we are all fully compliant at all stages whether working in the UK or Europe.

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 Blocktech MEP do not supply any PPE, Basic Hand Tools, or Power Tools.

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Please note that once rates are agreed, and our service is confirmed there are two retainment fee’s if you require us to secure accommodation and book any travel.